Jerri Tyson Michigan Michigan


My husband and I were married for 19 years and were divorced. We were divorced for 3 months and realized divorce is not what we wanted. In November 2011, we moved in together. In April 2012 we decided to get remarried. In July 2012, this home wrecker started working at his company. In September 2012, we had a big fight but worked it out. In October 2012, I went out of town for the weekend. My husband was supposed to meet a bunch of guys at the bar after work. We’ll, apparently this woman is the only one that showed up. My husband, I guess, got pretty drunk and of course they had sex. I didn’t find out until November 2012 that he was even talking to this woman. I found out by looking at his phone messages. At that time, I told her to leave my husband alone.For the next year, I thought my husband and I were working things out. In the meantime, she was”blackmailing” him at work telling him she was going to tell me. She bought him a phone so she could talk to him. She would meet him for a couple of minutes after work, and try to work as much as possible to be around him. She lost her job at his company around September 2014 and decided to tell me everything. She sent me messages on facebook and texted me. My husband told her that I knew everything (because he told me after she sent me the first messages). He told her to leave us alone that we were going to work things out. She continued to send him messages. We blocked this homewreckers phone number from our phones and she continues to try to contact him through people he works with and other numbers we don’t know. She even tried to tell him when I first found out that she was dying from cancer. || This woman is just looking for anyone to take care of her. No one wants her around. She is a drug user and will do anything to try to get a man. The first excuse she used was that her husband was beating her just to get close to my husband. She used that because my husband has a heart of gold and will try to help anyone that he can possibly help. She has never held a steady job. She calls me the bitch. Says I am the one causing drama. If it wasn’t for her there would never have been drama!!!

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