Jerrica Gallegos – Denver, Colorado Colorado


So this is Jerrica Gallegos, she us to work with my boyfriend of 5 years. I went on an emergency trip to Mexico for 3 week’s (my uncle was dying) when I got back he was acting different with me, I automatically sensed something wasn’t right. He started messing with Jerrica at work no inside work sleeping with her in a storage shed, and in his car. At the time I found out about the cheating I also found out I was pregnant. I went to the doctor and they informed me I had chlamydia and gonorrhea. I ended up losing the baby, and left my boyfriend. That’s when the stalking started, she would call my messanger bragging about how she slept with my boyfriend in the shed, and his car oh and told me he had bought her a ring (the one she’s wearing in the pictures) a white stone of some sort. She would call me and message me all day and night, laughing at the fact I lost my baby and even saying “your welcome for the chlamydia” and adding that’s probably what caused the miscarriage. I informed her it was gonorrhea as well and she laughed! Almost as she was proud? I told her she should go get checked and she said she didn’t mind spreading std’s to people “who deserved it” I don’t understand why a woman and mother would do this purposely? Apparently I wasn’t the only one she spread her std’s too, and now all these girl’s want to kick her a** is there a place where you can report someone for having std’s? How can you know your dirty and live like that? After about 4 months my ex and I talked and he apologized for what he did and we are still trying to work things out. So when she found that out she started trying to contact him at work, than messaging me telling me to go get checked again because she had my man again. I did get checked! After that awful experience I never want to go thru that again! I didn’t have anything and neither did he, I ended up deactivating my FB because she wouldn’t stop. I’d block her and she’d have her minions harass me! This happened a year ago and her friend Sarae if you want to call her friend, says she still sleeps around and never got tested. As bad as I was hurt over everything I kind of felt bad for the girl? I wondered if she had a father, why would she be proud of her chlamydia or how she shows off her 15$ ring proudly in every pic? Why she’d rather be with different men every night and leave her son with random people? I came to the conclusion that may she’s not happy with herself, and tries to hurt other people? Anyhow that’s my story be careful with this girl! I wouldn’t wish std’s on my enemy! And this girl is proud of it! Jerrica one day you’ll get yours you human cum bucket!

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