Jerrica Wolfe – Mountain Home, Idaho Idaho


This is Jerrica Wolfe, She is 25 and on a mission to find herself a sugar daddy… She has ruined multiple marriages. And a few months ago she almost ruined mine! (Not quite Satan…not quite) She seeks out married men (yes I read the messages) it all starts with a simple friendly conversation. Until she starts sending naked pictures and inviting your husband over after work. Shes quite the master mind at this…she goes as far as even planning ways to keep them from getting caught! Faking pregnancies to trap him…and having a miscarriage as fast as he leaves his wife! HomeWrecking should be a job title for this class act! Be careful ladies… this woman is not your friend… or his! She is just your friendly neighborhood floozy! And if either of you let your guard down for a second she will swoop in and take advanage of a weak moment.

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