Complaint: COMPLAINT On or about September 25 2012 our company dropped off a 2005 Ford Mustang GT for repairs. The problem with the car initially was that it would not start because of an alarm issue or something to do with the wiring of the car. And the only time it would start if you were to flash the ECM. At times the car would start but 90% of the time and would crank 10% when its cold or when it wanted to. At the time when we dropped the vehicle off we explained to the service department advisor the situation. Im a mechanically inclined individual and do know 80% of all mechanics dealing with the vehicles and the only reason I did not fix this vehicle my self was because I was busy dealing with other issues and wanted to find out the problem first to deal with the issue at hand. When dropping the vehicle I was promised by Jersey City Ford Advisor that the vehicle will be diagnosed in three days time and they will give me an answer then. In three days time we called Jersey City Ford to find out the status and were told that our advisor will call us back which never happened. The next day we called again and a Service Manager by the name of Carlos told us that the advisor that was dealing with us is no longer works there and any and all questions should be directed to him. We asked him about the car and he told us he would call us back we said ok. Carlos never called back that day so we called him the next day sometime on or before October 1st or 2nd 2012 same thing he would brush us off tell us he would call back and never did this went on up until October 9th or 10th of 2012 when we had to physically go to Jersey City Ford because after October 2nd 2012 he never responded to calls or voicemails. Shortly after getting there he advised me that the vehicle needs a computer and that would solve the problem with the car. I was a bit skeptical believing him since how the ECM did not have any codes upon our diagnostics with our machine. So I believed that they know something I dont. Originally I told Carlos that I wanted to stay in the $1,200.00 bracket which he indicated to me he will do. So I gave him an okay to go ahead with the work. As he stated he would have the car ready for me before October 15th, 2012. We contacted Carlos on October 15th 2012 and he indicated that he would call us when the vehicle will be done, which once again he never did. We called him everyday up until the 17th of October 2012 he never replied so we took a drive to Jersey City Ford again, and at that point Carlos tells me that the computer installed in the car did not make any difference. At that point I was so furious with the guy not returning calls or voicemails and not giving any updates I told him to return my car and I will do the work my self since how he cant figure out the problem. He stated to me that I should reimburse him for a new computer and his time spent even though he did not fix the car. I told him Im not going to pay anything and I want my car back. I left his service department and about an hour later he called and asked for more time and he was sure he was going to find the problem I told him to return my computer and put the car back together the way it was and he told me I cannot do that and hung up the phone. We were preparing a lawsuit against Jersey City Ford when we called Jersey City Ford to find out the upper managers names and exact address to the store on or about October 26, 2012 and we were informed by Carlos that the vehicle is done and he forgot to call us. I could not rush to get the vehicle because we had hurricane sandy come through the area on or about the 28th and everyone was preparing for it, however Jersey City Ford several days after the storm and had no answer or calls back. On or about November 6th my assistant went to Jersey Ford to figure out wether or not the car is ready and was told by Carlos to pick it up. Upon pick up the price of the $1,200.00 blew up to $2,400.00 of which the following parts were changed without my approval or authorization. 1.Crank sensor was replaced without authorization, charged labor and part. 2.Spare key charge for what reason we dont know, 3. Spark plugs for what reason dont know. Labor and parts, and other various miscellaneous charges totaling $1,800.00. We believed everything was fixed on the car well boy were we wrong. First of all the vehicle started because the ECM was flashed just like we did before the vehicle would start after reseting the PCM which why we brought the vehicle to Ford. Right before my assistant picked up the vehicle someone flashed the PCM. Shortly after pick up the vehicle did not even make two blocks and stalled two blocks away from their shop. I was immediately contacted by my assistant and I called Jersey City Ford to speak to Carlos and was told by a receptionist that he is with a client. I was so furious after dealing with this situation for a month. I immediately called a tow trucks and shortly after to put a stop payment on the check #392 totaling $1,800.00 made out to Jersey City Ford. The same day I had two independent mechanics come out to my place of business to conduct a search in the problem and what was done to this vehicle. After all Jersey City Ford did not fix this vehicle accordingly and the vehicle still remains with the issue. On November 7, 2012 Carlos and two other individuals came into my place of business while I was out on business and tried to bully my employees and staff to give them $1,800.00 or they were to tow the vehicle away back to their lot. At that point we called the police and one of the individuals claimed that we gave them a forged check. For the record the check was not forged and we did not by any means tried to defraud anyone. The issue is that the original problem with the vehicle persists and the vehicle was not fixed therefore we believe that it is unfair for us to pay the moneys owed. This car still does not start pending second opinion of an ASE certified mechanic.

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