Jesse Grate youngstown Ohio


Complaint: Jesse Grate, owner of J’s Construction, lies and tells people he is insured when in fact he is not. His workers as well as himself are marijuana users, and when any of his workers get injured on the job, the property owner is sued. He is known to employ unlicensed electricians and plumbers, and the quality of work they do is poor. The jobs get done, but with poor quality and craftsmanship. No permits are ever applied for by Mr.Grate, and he tries to operate under the radar. His contracts are normally finished late, and few customers are satisfied. He will overcharge you, especially if you are elderly, and tell you many lies in an attempt to pacify you. Most legitimate contractors would not hire Jesse Grate as a laborer, let alone give him responsibility for the contracts. The waste he removes from the job sites is typically illegally dumped. Basically he is a street hustler and drug dealer posing as a home improvement contractor. He is NOT insured, so don’t fall for that lie. He will tell you anything to get your money, and even perform work that isn’t needed. Jesse Grate is a true con artist.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 220 Pasadena Ave. Youngstown, Ohio United States of America


Phone: 330-330-5962

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