Jessica Bryant – Gulf Breeze, Florida Florida


This is Jessica Bryant. Jessica doesn’t take rejection well. She used to be my husbands f*ck buddy for a minute until he met me. She didn’t like that he quit her. Jessica decided to guilt my now husband into secretly “hanging out and texting” She told him if he couldn’t be her friend she would kill herself. She left love notes around our home for me to find. She invited herself to Denver when my husband went on a business trip. She would even try to get him to tell her how often we had sex. When he told her he wasn’t going to text her anymore because I found the number on his phone, she drove to his work and gave him an iPhone and paid for a plan so that she could continue her “woe is me” story, “I’m going to kill myself without you” crap, confessing her undying love for him. He’s not innocent – he allowed it all to happen. She then finally gave up when he married me and moved back to Florida to live with her mommy and daddy, but decided to write me a long letter telling me all about their little friendship. She ended it with – if you need anything for the divorce you have my number.

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