Jessica Canard and Antonio Mora – Virginia Beach, Virginia Virginia


So my sister and this so called man/marine met in 2012 and it was love at first sight. They instantly bonded and became a couple. He is a marine and at the time was staioned in NC. We live in Texas. They had a long distance relationship. After 9 months of dating they decided to get married. 4 months after that he got stationed in va so her and my nephew( from a previous) relationship moved out there. My family and I were devastated to see her go, we were all afraid of what would happen to them because they barely knew each other and they didn’t know what it was like to live together specially with a child. But she was happy and we couldn’t help but be happy for her. || Well only a few weeks after being in VA the problems started. Antonio seemed to be having problems of his own and he wouldn’t share them with my sister. He would always leave them two( sister and nephew) alone with nowhere to go or nothing to do. They were in a fight and my sister tried to talk to him but he just wouldn’t tell her anything. I remember my sister would call me and she would cry to me because of his behavior, she felt so lost. Anyway when she tried talking to him again he insulted her and walked away. By that time my sister was furious and threw a remote at him and it actually hit his back. He was furious and kept insulting her. She followed him and pushed him. He then pushed her back and started hitting her. He beat her up really bad, even in front of my 5 year old nephew. He took her phone away so that she wouldn’t be able to call the police. A few hours later he returned it and she called the police. When they came they ended up arresting her!! My sister is a good girl she never got in any kind of trouble and specially not with the police, so to her being arrested was devastating and not to mention embarrassing. ||  Of course when she got back home he convinced her that he was sorry and that it would never happen again.My sister is naive and belived him. She is also a fighter and doesn’t give up. Marriage was sacred to her. So she wanted to stay and work things out. My family and I wanted them to come home so bad, we officially hated him, but respected my sisters decision. She had to go to domestic violence classes and it seemed like things were getting worse between them. Every time they would fight he would kick her out of their home. Insulting her making her feel worthless because he paid for everything so it was”his” place, mind you it was all my sisters furniture. He would literary pack all my sisters and my nephews clothes and throw it outside. He did not realize how much he was hurting and abusing her, not just her but my nephew as well. || A couple of months after that they found out she was pregnant, the pregnancy only lasted about two weeks. She had a miscarriage and she had to drive herself and her 5 year old to the hospital because the asshole didn’t want to take her.After that she found him messaging A LOT of women pretending to be single. My sister didn’t know what to do. She told him that it all had to stop or she was gonna come back home. It seemed like he things were good. My sister was going to counseling and things were actually better. She was happy again. They all were. Soon enough she was pregnant again. She couldn’t be more excited. All they ever talk about was having a baby. And after the miscarriage she was thrilled to have gotten pregnant again. || Summer time came and my nephew came down to Texas to spend the summer here with us and his dad. My sister came down for a few weeks then they were both suppose to go back to VA. Well just a week after she was here. Antonio decided to pretend to be single. That’s when he met this ugly troll. My sister knew him so well she knew something was up the day after he met her. She did what she had to and found out he was talking to some chick on snap chat. My sister confronted him right away and he said it was a friend from high school. Of course it was a lie. The next day my sister got ahold of her phone number and she told her everything. Jessica told her she would be her friend and to fight for her marriage. She also said she would stop talking to him. Blah blah. Bull shit that didn’t happen. That same day Antonio told my sister not to go back to va that he wanted a divorce.My sister stayed here of course my family and I were very supportive of her and helped her cope with everything.She is a wonderful person and didn’t deserve any of the things that were happening.After all that was settled. He never text her to ask about the pregnancy, how the baby was doing, nothing. Every time he would contact her would only be to upset her by insulting her and telling her things about the troll.My sister went into labor and had another beautiful baby boy. He is now 2 months old and the scum hasn’t even bothered to come meet him, still doesn’t ask about him.As for the troll they are still together, she now lives at his place, which he pays for with the housing allowance that he gets for being married to my sister.She sleeps where my sister slept and where my new phew was conceived. Does that not gross her out??? || I guess in this story the homewrecker is Antonio, but the bitch sure didn’t care that he was married or that he had a child on the way. || But thank you every much troll.You saved my sister, she was completely miserable, she lost her identity while she was there. But now I am happy to say that she is happy and found her self. Karma will get you guys.

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