Jessica Colon – Palm Coast, Florida Florida


My husband dated this girl for a couple weeks in hs. He dumped her because he thought she was “crazy” afterwords she tried to kill herself by overdosing on pills. Told her buddys that my husband gave it to her. They ended up jumping him because of her claims. Years later i started dating him. We had a good realtionship. We got engaged. The night we got engaged he called her because he thought it would be funny to tell her. She was drunk as usual. She started crying. The next day he was helping my mother move into a new house she repataably called him all day. Crying saying i always thought we would get married. Years later i ended up finding out they had been sleeping together before then. Twice while we whete together. I ended up marrying him. During our marriage i found out from his dad and his step mom that this girl dated and sleep with his brother and his cousin… about 5 years into my marriage my father in law died and my husband started dissapearing. I went into his phone and found out they have been sleeping together since right after his father died. And it started with her apoligizing for his fathers death!!! Then from the rest of the messages you can clearly see her taking advantage of him and his despression!!! I blame him too! But i blame her more. She knew about me, she knew about our 4 year old, she knew about his dad dying. She knew he was vulnerable. And he was talking to her thinking it was innocent because she told everyone she was a lesbain!! Obviously not. Girls in palm coast watch out.

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