Jessica Dixon – Hillsborough, North Carolina North Carolina


Jessica Dixon is a horrible person and will stand in your face and smile and act like your friend while she tries to steal your husband. She doesn’t care if she hurts children or not. She is 25 years old and wouldn’t leave my 40 year old husband alone until she took him away from his wife and child. She won’t let my husband see his child or pay child support. She will do anything to get a paycheck. That”s all she cares about. She kicked her boyfriend out one day and moved my husband in the next. He lives there and lies and says he doesn’t while she gets help for her children. She messaged my husband for months and months and wouldn’t leave him alone. Now she has that deadbeat and she can have him. My son is autistic and non verbal. He cries and cries for his dad and she won’t let him come see him or pay child support. And yes he’s trash too and took the first skank that opened her legs!. Do not let this horrible person near your husband! You will regret it. Stay far away from this homewrecker!. Now she tells lies on me and tries to still cause me and my son problems. I wish I had never met her or helped her! She is as bad as they come! Stay far away from her!!!

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