Jessica Ellinger – Morrow, Ohio Ohio


So this chick here, her names Jessica. She is the Lebanon, Ohio Walmart Store whore. She preys on men in relationships and marriages that are going through rough spots in their relationships. My husband is guy #5 in 10 months. She has a house full of kids by all different men. Her 1 year old was supposedly by rape but she can’t prove it. And no one believes her accept my husband of 11 years. We were going through some personal stuff and she couldn’t wait to get her claws in him. He still lives with his wife and 3 kids. And he’s been seeing her for 6 weeks and having sex with me this whole time. She is too stupid to realize it. Bitch, wake up, u will never be me and u will never compare to the 11 years we’ve had together. When he’s done playing games with you, he will be back to me. He doesn’t love u. He is only playing a game with u and he isn’t even loyal. We still have sex multiple times a week and that won’t change. Maybe u already have a back up plan and another man. I hope so. Get your claws out of my husband and let him come back to the real life he has with his wife and kids and leave him the hell alone you stupid homewrecker. He will never stay with u!

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