Jessica Fairchild Gray – Sesser, Illinois Illinois


This washed up bar fly is Jessica Fairchild Gray from Sesser, IL. My husband met her at work and in the beginning couldn’t stand the bitch. He would come home venting about having to working with”this pregnant bitch (she was pregnant at the time) who was fucking lazy and was a meth head who thought she was hot shit but was ugly and gross looking.” Those were his words. Fast forward over a year later and I start seeing him liking her pics on facebook. Then suddenly they are on the work bowling league. Obviously I suspect something. After shady lies and him acting different he finally admits to the affair. He breaks it off with her and then she has the nerve to text me just to hurt me further by telling me details and mentioning that she has spent time with my son. She acted like I was the one who did wrong because my husband left her. || She cares about no one but herself. As the story unfolded she has slept with many men at the place where they work and lord only knows where her child is when she is out parting, drinking and doing drugs. My husband, by the way, has already been exposed and is dealing with his wrong doings so any of you who comment are wasting your time. This is a site to expose those that try to be slick and play innocent. Beware this home wrecking piece of trash.

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