Jessica Lynn Smith Port Huron, Michigan Michigan


Well shorty after I had surgery my boyfriend decided to cheat on me with a girl that he had cheated on me with in the past. (So she knew we were together) So this began November 2010. Well anyways I began to suspect he was cheated but I’m never the type to try to claim someone is cheating until I have cold hard facts. In January of 2011, I got a message from a guy I used to go to school with named Derrick. He told me that my boyfriend was f**king Jessica which was his girlfriend and she was possibly pregnant by my boyfriend. I freaked out and cussed out my boyfriend he told me it was all a lie and I eventually got a hold of Jessica herself. She told me she doesn’t even talk to my boyfriend and that Derrick (her boyfriend) was just crazy and trying to get revenge on boyfriend because she cheat on him while he was in jail. She told me she was pregnant but the child without a doubt was her boyfriends. Then she started to vent and tell me all her problems and continue to keep contact with me, texting me asking me if her boyfriend was trying to get a hold of me or if I heard from him and asking how I was. Of course I believed her because I never would think that a woman would lie about being pregnant by a man just to cover her ass and not care about her child having a father. Well long story short. My boyfriend and I got a place together and broke up for a few months. During this time I ended up getting a job and worked with her while she was pregnant and she wouldn’t even look me in my eyes. She acted really guilty for someone who didn’t do anything. Derrick her boyfriend tried getting a hold of me again and telling me that Jessica’s baby’s was my exs at the time. She called my phone and once again tried to tell me that my boyfriend was not the father of her child and that she wouldn’t want my boyfriends “ugly ass” to be her baby daddy anyways. || Then eventually when we got back together in January 2012. I get a phone call from this bitch telling me that I’m not going to come in between her and my boyfriend and “their” daughter, even though she was trying to pin the baby on Derrick until he got a DNA test and the baby came back not his and he moved out of state. She also had the audacity to come the house that I shared with my friend with her baby while I was at work. She tried telling me that she let my boyfriend live with her and her daughter for 5 months while we were together and they were f**king even though we were together. This bitch has some fucking nerve for a bitch that has be lying trying to say she didn’t even speak to my man. Well, I told my boyfriend that he needed to get a DNA test and in the meantime of waiting for the results I found out I was pregnant. Now me and my boyfriend had been together for 5 years by this point, besides the one breakup we had for a few months. We always wanted a child but my doctor told me I would probably have to do IVF which is why I had to have surgery in the first place. So being pregnant was a COMPLETE surprise! Then a week later the DNA results came back that the baby was his! Talk about f**king gut wrenching pain and I just found out I was basically pregnant with a miracle child in my eyes. Then Jessica has the nerve to talk shit about me and say she hopes my baby comes out as cute as hers and talking about fighting me. She was trying her hardest to get a hold of my boyfriend my WHOLE pregnancy. Even though while she was pregnant she told my boyfriend that if her boyfriend Derrick wasn’t the father she was going to give the baby up for adoption and already had parents set up. Now she was trying to act like her and my boyfriend were together and in love, even though she told my boyfriend that they were strictly “business” and just friends. || She RUINED my whole pregnancy by pinning my boyfriendís mother against me. She tried convincing EVERYONE that my son wasn’t my boyfriends. I’m sorry bitch. I know who the father of my child is unlike your fat sloppy whore ass. Then told everyone that I was forcing my boyfriend to not be a part of her kids life even though she never gave a f**k before and was going to give her kid up for adoption until the other guy left her. My boyfriendís mother took her side over mine and blamed me for everything! Even though I had nothing to do it. She wished my son, her own grandchild to not be breathing when he was born, and my boyfriendís sister tried to fight me 6 months pregnant at a grocery store. She proceeded to go after child support even though she has a better job than my boyfriend and now he is paying her all together $600 a month and is never late on a payment and pays for her health insurance. Now I have to live in a whole other town with my son because this fat sloppy bitch lies her f**king ass off trying to play the victim when the only victim was my boyfriend who she purposely tried trapping and admitted to one of her friends and her friend told my boyfriend and that little girl who doesn’t have a real father because she was whoring around, didn’t know who her father was and didn’t care as long as she had someone to call her baby daddy. Now my son nor I am allowed around my boyfriendís family because her whore ass lies her god damn ass off saying she didn’t know we were together that she loved him and he lied to her and talking a whole bunch of shit about me making up lies to make her disgusting ass look better. Meaning she is f**king every black guy in Port Huron including my boyfriendís cousins and friends and their friends, friends and cousins. She has the nerve to sit up in my boyfriendís moms house calling me a whore. Because deep down the bitch wants to be me and is insecure because she knows she is nothing but a cum dumpster ass homie hopping whore. || Itís funny because I’ve been the same guy for damn near 6 years besides one guy while we were broke up and she still to this day WONT SAY SHIT TO MY FACE! There is so much more to the story I could literally go one for days how trifling and disgusting she fucking is. If that is a Homewrecking Slut then I don’t know what is! Oh I would also like to add the bitch swears she is cute and she is fugly. She has no †lips a big ass gonzo nose and beedy ass rat eyes.

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