Jessica M Roman – Phoenix, Arizona Arizona


Jessica Roman is a 42 year old gas station manager who started sleeping with Aldo Woodlock knowing he was her married boss and had two small children at home. She knew he lived with his wife and was still sleeping with her. Jessica is much older than Aldo and has only been married once because she had an illegal to pay her for marriage so he would get his citizenship. She has no a teen knock up..having unprotected sex with a younger man and even convinced him to kick his wife out of their house and divorce her. (The divorce was still not finalized as of May). || She’s vain and arrogant, but didn’t suspect he had other women he was sending nudes to while complaining about her! She dumped him after I exposed him..and it gets even juicer. Aldo immediately shacked up with the young daycare babysitter he had been diddling on the side (while having a wife and girlfriend) three months to the day Jessica dumped him. || Aldo and his new “girlfriend” Floresitaa Mariaa posted pictures of positive pregnancy tests..announcing the girl was pregnant and how much he loved happy he he was looking forward to the third child he always said he NEVER wanted. Now at this time Jessica had unblocked Aldo and made contact..when she found out he was expecting a baby and how terrified he was because he already has a baby in diapers and is paying his soon to be ex wife Nancy child support. She convinced him she would take him back so he abandoned the pregnant girl. || A month after Floresitaa Mariaa announced she was expecting her status on Facebook changed to single momma and expecting a blessing..the next day Jessica’s status changed from single to In a Relationship..coincidences? Of course not. The icing on the cake is Aldo had been having unprotected sex with not just all three..but several more.

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