Jessica Marie Bechtle – Mulberry, Kansas Kansas


To start I’ve been with my husband since late 2013. When we moved in together this girl, her friends and her family made themselves as known as possible on Facebook. About a year of dealing with constant adds, we decided to move home. This girl (we all call her Fiona) who dated him during high school was currently in Kentucky, well she saw my fb about moving home (to my husbamds hometown) and she decided to move to his home town (where she’s not even from) the very next day. Fast forward to now, I had my suspicions my husband had been seeing her but I could never prove it. Once I even confronted her and later apologized (which she accepted) due to the fact I really just could not prove it. Turns out this fat skank WAS sleeping with my husband while even listening to me vent occasionally about what was going on in my life. All while knowing we were having a rough patch (my fault for letting her know that much but truth be told we didn’t start having a rough patch til I noticed things were off so it all boiled down to them to begin with!) and she’d even say she hoped we worked out. A little later I left my husband for 3 weeks and she rushed to his aide, was around my daughter. Told me my family was dead and gone, even assumed “mommy role” to my daughter while my husband had her. Now he didn’t come clean about it all til after we got back together after those three weeks. As soon as I found out the truth 100% confirmed I confronted her and she left back to Kentucky the VERY NEXT DAY. After about a year of f*cking my husband behind my back. She of course plays the victim and doesn’t feel bad about it one bit. She justifies it by saying my husband said our marriage was over while she was talking to me knowing I was doing all I could to make it work. Come to find out this is the SECOND time she has gotten invloved with a married man! Then she plays the poor me and my journey to happiness card! She can’t get a man on her own, to where she has to seek men who are in vulnerable states within their marriages. She’s an easy target for them and she actually thinks she’s what they want. When in reality they’re both just desperate shitbags. So beware ladies, yours could be next with this one.

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