Jessica McCottrell – Vacaville, California California


This woman decided to pursue a relationship with her tattoo artist who is she knew was married and had two children. She had an ongoing relationship with him for two and a half years and when he tried to end it with her so he could work things out with his wife she told him she would blow his life up by friending the wife on Facebook and telling her everything. Then during her Facebook messaging to the wife she proceeded to say that she did not know there was a relationship. She claimed that she was told they were separated and no longer together intimately. Furthermore, she proceeded to explain that she left her husband because of his cheating and that she would never do that to anybody else. However, when the husband had told her it was over because he was going to stay with his wife she told him that she was going to friend the wife on Facebook and “blow up his life.” By doing this she proved she’s a hypocrite because if they were truly separated her going on Facebook and telling the wife would not blow up his life.

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