Jessica Nettles – Batesville, Arkansas Arkansas


Jessica, an RN and WRMC, and my husband where friends in high school and randomly ran into each other in February of this year. Their relationship became and emotional affair, which I found out about and she apologized for. Being the forgiving chump that I was, I gave her the benefit of doubt and only asked that they stop talking until he and I could fix our problems. They never stopped talking. Only did it more secretly. Texting on WhatsApp, meeting in the parking lot near our home after I went to sleep with our then 2 month old. I caught them texting again and he said he would end it. Again, I was fooled. Two days before our sons birthday I catch them in her car together. I could see their dumbasses from my kitchen window and balcony in the parking lot. At this point, she separated from her husband, but continued to pursue mine. After finding out that he was sleeping with her, but did not disclose it to me, and finding her lame selfies she loves to send I finally threw him out. She, of course, in typical wh*re fashion rescued him and has let him stay at her place for the last few days. I’m sure she is giddy with joy knowing she “won” and manipulative, cheating, pathological liar. But she knew his situation and made no effort to end it so really they are just two of a kind. I wish them a future plagued with lies and cheating since it is what they excel at.

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