Jessica Riker – Mauldin, South Carolina South Carolina


So my soon to be ex husband is a nasty scandalous ManHo who constantly cheated and I only found out bc my oldest son was committed bc his father manipulated and made him lie for years that he was cheating. Jessica was one of many women I found out about. I contacted her and left a detailed message on her phone last summer. She immediately changed her phone number. She was a coworker of my ex. They have been sleeping with each other on and off for 3 years. So after a year of on and off counseling with he ex he leaves me and his 2 distraught children for this. Lies about it. Plans a secret vacation with her and her kid. Abandons and lies to us. My oldest finds out and ousts them and they threaten him?!?!? I emailed her and their employer. It’s disgusting that you knew he was married and you knew what he did to his children. I hope you get a dose of what he’s done to us, to you, and your son. He will do you like he’s done us. Karma is s bitch and I hope you love being the HomeWrecker listed on my divorce papers. So when they google you… they can see how lowdown you & he are!! What a down grade… He had filet mingon and now he has cube steak!!

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