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This all started via Facebook. Gotta love it. I cannot remember the exact date, but it was around the 9th or 10th of January, 2014. Some girl from work, that my boyfriend claimed he didn’t even know, had messaged him saying she flicked someone off at work earlier that day and hoped that my boyfriend didn’t think she meant it for him. I didn’t think much of it. Later on that evening, I noticed he was texting an awful lot. I asked who he was talking to and he said he wasn’t even texting anyone. I asked to see his phone so I could see what he was doing. We got in quite an argument about it. He wouldn’t show me. After he passed out (he had been very drunk), I checked his messages. They HAD been messaging all night, getting to know each other. I messaged her, pretending to be him, saying,”I’m sorry. I was wrong to have talked to you to begin with. I have a girlfriend. Bye.” Well, that obviously didn’t stop her.Thank goodness I remembered my boyfriend had given me his FB password at one point, so I monitored the situation. My boyfriend had told me he wasn’t talking to her anymore, but I found out otherwise. Over the next few days, she was CONSTANTLY messaging him. For the most part, she was the one pushing the conversation.. asking things about him, telling him she had a”crush” on him. I always thought crushes were for high school kids, not thirty-seven year olds. But anyway, she actually had to tell him a few times because he didn’t seem to care much. She asked him at least five times that particular night what he thought of her. It was pretty sad. Must be low self esteem or something. Sounds like she needs constant reassurance. He never really answered. He definitely never told her to stop, but at the same time, he was just talking… not really saying anything to show he was interested in being with her. She barely even knew him at this point… just knew he had a girlfriend and a two young children and had just gotten a promotion at work and was making good money. But she decided she really liked him and wanted to meet up for drinks and such. Apparently, they did, but from what I gathered from their messages, he would barely look at her and she was mad because he was sending her”mixed signals.” I like to think my boyfriend was a little hesitant. But who knows?She’s married, has children. Apparently her and her husband are”practically roommates” and they had money problems and because she’s not happy in her relationship, that makes it okay to mess around in other people’s relationships.Meanwhile, seeing that my boyfriend wasn’t doing anything too horribly wrong, I decided we could work through this. He said all sorts of bad things about her, said he loved me and would do anything to make it work. I fell for it. He blocked her and he showed me his FB whenever I asked, to show she was still blocked. Things were good with us again…. until a few nights later, he was asleep and I checked his phone. He had changed his Facebook password at some point. His phone was the only way to check on things. I just had this feeling that something was up. Apparently he had unblocked her because she was messaging him about how she didn’t want to wait for him. She wanted to start a relationship right away… no waiting. Apparently he said something about not trusting her due to her criminal record. She said that yes, she still does drugs, but she’s not a liar anymore. I found that to be incredibly funny… trying to steal my man and here she was claiming to be an honest person. I messaged her from his phone, telling her who I was and told her what she was doing to our family and told her to back the fuck off. She said she would. No apologies or anything, just”ok.”The next morning, she was messaging him AGAIN! I was so pissed! All this time I thought that maybe at work or something, he was telling her we weren’t together anymore and maybe she really didn’t know the truth. I told her all about us just the night prior and here she was messaging him again. Apparently she was turned on or something because now she was calling him”sexy.” I made him tell her we were working on things and that he couldn’t talk to her. And he blocked her again.After much thought, I ended up kicking him out. He had lied his ass off. He let this scumbag disrespect me, disrespect my children by trying to take their father. He put a stranger ahead of me. He would rather lie to me and meet this chick at a bar and sit with her on breaks and do God knows what else with her rather than be a grown ass man and be faithful and honest. He obviously had intentions with her or he would have just told her himself to back off. There are other issues, but all of our other problems were fixable. But once you lose trust, you lose everything. Apparently she’s not as great at stealing other people’s men as she thinks. Even after leaving him so he can be with her without little old me in the way, he still is trying to be with me.. or maybe she lost interest because he’s not in a relationship anymore and thats why he’s trying to sucker his way back. || Jessica Smith is definitely a homewrecker. She relentlessly chased a man she barely knew, knowing he was in a relationship, knew he has kids, a FAMILY, and still decided she wanted to be in a relationship with him. Watch your husbands/boyfriends around this one! She is very persistent and doesn’t back down.

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