Jessica Taylor of North Carolina (Lying and Cheating Marine Spouse)


Liar Cheater Woman, North Carolina

What can I say this woman is a disgrace to women everywhere. I was hired by a temp agency to work for the company that she works for (apogee physicians) at Cape Fear Valley Hospital here in Fayetteville, Nc. Little did I know the situation I was getting myself into. I was immediately informed of all the gossip and illegal activity that goes on with this woman and other women that work at this location. There is a string of them that sleep with the doctors on a regular basis even talks of it happening at work on the clock. I have watched how she has formed a team with her sister and one of the supervisors and another employee in which they frequently discuss how promiscuous they are and openly admit to cheating on their husbands and boyfriends. It’s sad because I have seen how she openly flirts with other men and have even overheard a conversation of how she is sleeping with a security guard that works at the hospital who happens to be the brother of her boss. Needless to say this is one place that I couldn’t be apart of and had to immediately find employment elsewhere. I feel bad for her husband in all of this because I’m sure he is clueless of his wife’s activities behind closed doors.

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