Jessica Zolhman Broomhead – Bailey, North Carolina North Carolina


Ok this girl across the street Jessica Zolhman Broomhead befriended me or so I thought. She told me everything, always referred to me as her best friend. I never did that with her because about a year before meeting her I found my best friend dead. No one will, nor can ever replace her. Anyway, she is on drugs just recently out of jail on many charges. She started calling my husband and giving him a swelled head talking about how things would be with her in the bedroom etc. I was at home one morning she called my husband over to fix a screen door. I didn’t think anything of it. He had been over there plenty of times for just that. but on that day it wasn’t only a door he got his hands on. They got caught very shortly after this one time. This girl was stupid enough to text my husband with me sitting right beside her I WANT YOU BAD….anyway they got busted and my husband didn’t bother saying its over etc. he just changed his number etc. So then she decided to be a child, we went to court many times. I won every time. She would threaten me, call me, text me etc. Stand out in the yard screaming at me like some kind of fool. Then she decided to be even more childish. She used the legal system to try to have me put in jail. Calling dog pounds, you name it. Think of it she called them. She ended up cheating on her man again. And lost both her kids one being a newborn baby. The judge told him I wouldn’t even let her see those kids at Christmas. So please watch your so called friends. She is either in Bailey, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Sims, or Middlesex, NC. I know her well… she thinks sex is everything and also thinks she is HOT… NOT

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