Jessie Flanigan – Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


Jessie Flanigan. Mother of two. Pretends to “box” or be a “boxer” at some local gym in Hollidaysburg or surrounding area. Uses and manipulates men, to get what she wants. Sex. Money. Clothes. Anything she wants. Slept with her boyfriends best friend, tore their friendship apart, almost cost that guy his job, because she chooses to keep him out all hours of the night, to the point, he can’t go to work. Wrecked this ex boyfriends, best friends car, had him lie and say they hit a deer. part?? Her ex and claimed “baby daddy”, two kids and her all live in the same house, when she’s not out whoring around. Jessie Flanigan, you’re a nasty bitch. C.G- I’d drop her before you’re left with nothing.

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