Jessie O. Bossett- Fairfield, California California


I really hate the moments in life where you feel “What did I do to deserve this?” Being cheated on by someone you love is by far one of the worst feelings in the world. And as much as my partner is to blame for his choices, in this case it makes sense to blame the woman as well. It’s okay to blame her when she knows the man she’s sleeping with has a family. Why would you intentionally break up a happy home and get involved with someone who’s taken? It takes a monster and a cold heart to make these choices and see nothing wrong with it. Even when I confronted her, she continued to see him anyway. Women need to start respecting other women. We’re supposed to encourage, support, and defend one another. Not sleep with their men! This was written out of hurt, not hate. Having an affair with a married man is a character flaw. She’s not the most attractive according to him, but is easy to manipulate because she’s so young. Congrats to this underage drinker and weed smoker for taking my husband away from me and our daughter. Karma is real Jessie.

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