Jessie Ross – San Bruno, California California


This is Jessie Ross, a recovering tweaker from San Bruno who met my husband on FB. I started noticing her liking his statuses with heart reactions and then posting hearts on his wall. When I confronted her she ignored me. Then one night my husband left his phone unlocked and he was sleeping, so I messaged her pretending to be him for a min to get her attention, then called her out on her s**t. She refused to believe we were together, mind you it was 1-2 AM when I messaged her. While I am aware it’s his fault for leading her on, she was dumb enough to believe he was single. She tried claiming she’s a really good person and she would never wreck a home blah blah blah then she said she needs to talk with him to get the whole story. I said you will do NO such thing. I’m telling you right now back off he’s VERY taken and I’m also pregnant with another baby (we already have 1). Did she get the message? NO! She literally spent 4 hours calling him non-stop while he was with me. I finally called her from my phone and said she’s pathetic asf (in a voicemail because her scary ass wouldn’t even answer me) and she needs to MOVE on. Beware this b!+$# prowls FB for men, she’s even doing it to another friend I know.

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