Jessie Trujillo – Cheyenne, Wyoming Wyoming


So this nasty homewrecking c*nt likes to prey on married men. My husband was working in Cheyenne for a long while and we ended up having some problems because of his insecurities. He went to the bar and she was there. They were talking about tattoos and my name is tattooed on his wrist so our relationship came up. He told her how devastated he was by out problems because we have always had such a great marriage. Night goes on. Nothing more. Her brother gets his number because he’s interested in a job. Next day my husband texts “the brother” supposedly brother has no phone so he gave her number. So nothing happens then. My husband is 100% in the wrong for confiding in a skanky hoe. Which he told me about when he cam off that hitch. || Alcohol continues to consume him along with his insecurities. Almost a month later him and his crew are wasted looking for a ride back to MY camper. They call this hoe. He leaves a message stain where they were trying to get and they needed a ride to said campground. Next day this whore shows up at my camper. My husband and his buddy already drank almost half a gallon of Fireball. It’s all innocent until she decides to come in when he decides to pass out. He doesn’t rememberwhat happened from there but knew he screwed up. She then comes the next morning at this point he already thinks I am leaving so he does it again. || My husband was most definitely in the wrong! This homewrecking cunt who was married herself knew how he felt about me and he was very honest about being married and having kids, had no shame in spreading her legs for a random f*ck knowing this man was married. A complete disgrace to women everywhere. Karma is a bitch though and you will get yours

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