I received a fax offering $189.00 airfare and all inclusive resort to Cabo San Lucas in February 2014. I called the number and asked about the flyer I received and spoke to Julie and I asked how could they sell so cheap and she said that they were a wholesale company that sold packages to corporations and whatever is leftover and/or returned then they would open to the public for the same prices. She stated that they had been in business for over 20 years. I told her that my 30 anniversary wan June 2 and that I wanted to celebrate with family and friends in Cabo and could they handle a large group. She said yes just have them to call me directly. The only condition was it has to be books 90 days out and no booking on holidays. I also asked her how much is the total package. She stated that I only had to pay the 189.00 that day, $69 when I called to book my trip and anywhere from $200-$250 once we checked out of the hotel and that would be gratuity, taxes and fees. So the total package would be no more than $510.00. They only accepted checks no credit cards. I said ok that would work for my group so over the next 7-15 days over 45 people called to book a vacation to Cabo SAn Lucas for my 30 wedding Anniversary. After everyone paid the $189 we all had to hurry and pay the $69 so we could book within 90 days. Their only request was that one person handle the group so they wouldn’t be speaking to 45 people and send to them a spreadsheet with the names, DOB’s, addresses and what airport each person would be flying from. Most of all the vouchers were sent to me so I could send over the list. I waited about two weeks to receive the rest of the vouchers but Mark said they were on back order and to proceed with the other vouchers so I sent out the spreadsheet on April 9,2014. Mark asked me what dates I wanted to travel and said from June 6-9, 2014. They said that would be no problem. From April 9, 2014 up until now I have been getting the run around. Everything that was promised was fraudulent. All untrue. They would always send me to someone who took days to get back with me and I finally spoke to a guy name Ray who then referred me to a girl name Corina who stated that the cost would be much more so I went back to Mark but he was no longer their so I was sent to Robert the Customer Service Manager. Robert sent me back to Ray who sent me to Lisa who stated that the cost would be $1,000 per person and that the $189 + 69 had allready be taken out. So I would have to pay $1,000 per person if we wanted to Cabo. I think this tactic is called a bait and switch. I requested my money back but they said it is 72 hour refundable policy. Not only did they misrepresent, sent out false advertisement but they will not give a refund to 45 of us who paid for a service that wasn’t delivered. Also, if you call them today, they are still offering the same package.

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