Jidd Motors Des Plaines Illinois


Complaint: I engaged with Jidd Motors as an enmploiyee and remaied employed with them for just over a month. My report is simply to advise others of the business practivces I experienced, and although it is consitant in nature to the majority of opion at the location amung employees, this are MY experiences, and may not reflect that of others. Firest and formost, when I was interviewed and offered a position I advised both the owners Sam and Adam Jidd, that I needed time to think about the offer. At that time they both advised me this was a “now or never”” offer”” and I immeadeatly knew who I was dealing with. One could make the argument that I should have walked

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Address: but when you’re stagnanent and you sit around

Website: I was hired to direct the Business Development Center

Phone: ytour worth and self perception dont improve

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