Jiffy Lube Service Center #1462 Moreno Valley California


Complaint: On July 16, 2004 at about 1:00 pm in the afternoon, I visited your Jiffy Lube located at 12300 Heacock Street in Moreno Valley, California. The phone # there is 909-485-4588. I asked for an oil change, not to do anything else. They told me that this would take about 20 minutes. They took down my information in the computer, and I told them I was going to go grab a bite and would be back afterwards. About an hour later, I arrived back and was told that they couldn’t change my oil because the oil plug was on to tight. I asked why they hadn’t called me, they said We didn’t know you left your phone number, yet they had me tell them my number as they typed it into their computer. I was somewhat suspicious to the “tight oil plug as I have only used one other mechanic during the past 4 years and the only reason why I didn’t go to him was he was tied up until later that week. But after that

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Address: I did go back to my mechanic and he said he would check it on Sunday(July 18). We commuted to work the next day and on Sunday

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Phone: my mechanic called me and told me that not only did he unscrew the oil plug without any tools

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