Jill Freeman – Dallas, Texas Texas


This is a picture of my husband’s mistress Jill Freeman, age 42 (dob 01/21/74), who lives in Dallas, Texas. She’s originally from Little Rock, Arkansas. She lived in New York City for a short time while she was an intern at the New York Times. She worked with my husband at a top movie chain company from 2005-2009. She was fired in 2009, and my husband was let go in 2010. In late 2011, they began their affair. My husband was extremely depressed after losing his in-laws and his own parents in less than a 5 year time period then watching me, his WIFE, get extremely ill. Jill lured him over to her apartment several times to “help” set up her computers or to “fix” her internet. She supplied him with alcohol every time they were together. By the way, Jill is an alcoholic who has had more than 1 DUI, and I know of at least one time she totaled her car due to drinking and driving. Other co-workers have described her as odd and unfriendly. My husband said she was a critical, demanding, bitter drunk. She even traveled with my husband and showed up at my brother-in-law’s birthday party in 2013…. 2 weeks before I underwent an 11+ hour surgery to remove my pancreas and spleen. All 3 of his siblings looked the other way and didn’t ask what was wrong with THEIR brother who was contemplating suicide. I even enlisted my sister-in-law’s help to be told she didn’t want to get involved. You see, during their affair, I was deathly ill with pancreatitis. In 2013, from Jan to the end of June, I was in the hospital with pancreatitis every 2 to 4 weeks and each visit lasted from a few days to 2 weeks. Our 19-year-old daughter was in charge of taking me to the hospital many, many times and she and our 22-year-old son always visited me while I was in the hospital. So, any number of times, our children could have seen me die while Jill was f****** my husband and hating me just because I was the wife! My husband used to travel extensively, so it was very easy for him to deceive me plus I thought I was being a supportive wife while not complaining when he wanted to go “run”…. code for f****** Jill! He used her to ease his depression from losing his parents, having a very ill almost dead wife, being let go from a company he helped build from the ground up, and then going to work for a company that took advantage of him and worked him around the clock. No, I don’t feel he is innocent in all of this. He is equally at fault, but she also KNEW she was having an affair with a married man, and she had met me several times and our children! When I discovered the affair, almost a year after it had ended and we’d moved to another country, I contacted Jill who told me if I ever contacted her again she would tell me exactly was a “complete fucking idiot” she thinks I am. She did not follow through with that threat. My husband never told her there were any problems between us and certainly never told Jill he was leaving and divorcing me for her or leave me at all! In fact, the reason I didn’t know there was anything wrong with him is because he was still making love to me and making plans with me. Jill’s family will not acknowledge me after several attempts to contact them either by phone, Facebook messages or letters. Her father, Stephen Freeman and her mother Sharon (aka Shay) of Little Rock, Arkansas are heavily involved in their church’s ministries, and her father used to counsel married couples. Her sister, Ginny Miller also of Dallas, has a degree in psychology and is a Social Worker in Dallas. What is it they say? Those who have degrees in psychology and social work and attempt to counsel others are the ones who truly messed up?! If it had been MY daughter that had done this, I would be apologizing profusely to the people she hurt as well as slapping her upside the head. Through my research, though, I have discovered that alcoholism runs deeply in her family, and she probably has them all fooled into believing what a good girl she is and that I’m the crazy one. I went home to help my child move at the end of summer, and while I was there, I made a copy of something my husband wrote to me about what she really was to him (a sperm receptacle, someone to just have sex with to ease his depression, and someone he never loved) and I put it on her door and mailed a copy to Ginny’s house since Jill was stupid enough to let us know that she’s received mail there from us before. Yes, us because he wrote her a letter making sure she knew it was OVER and how deeply he regretted it. I now have a harassment charge against me. LOL!!! I’m glad to know she’s gotten my messages! However, ladies, don’t you think there is something seriously wrong with our world when we can’t file an alienation of affection or a criminal conversation case against our husband’s mistresses (or wive’s lovers), but they can file harassment charges against us when we tell them what we think of them? At least in many states that is. Some states still let you file those charges…. oh and those states will also let you file charges if they have crossed into them and had their affair’s there. I NEVER once threatened her, and I have absolutely every right to my First Amendment right. You can also file rape charges against someone who provides you with alcohol when you already aren’t thinking clearly because they are CLEARLY taking advantage of you and raping you, so she needs to learn to take responsibility for what she’s done and suck it up! I am posting this because I don’t want any other woman or family hurt by this evil person who doesn’t have any kind of decency and was clearly taught none!

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