Jim Adler Houston Texas


Complaint: He tried to get us to settle a lawsuit for less then the medical bills. Told us in Texas no one gets future medical. My wife can’t get insurance or healthcare now. He was on the companies side we were trying to sue. I found other attornies that said We had at least a million dollar lawsuit. I contacted the State bar and they told me I was stuck with him unless I could prove he was getting paid off. He kept saying this is a big international company and he might lose against their attornys’even though they had already admited guilt. I asked him if I could pay him his commision or pay, a 1/3 of the amount he wanted to settle for and let me get an attorney that wasn’t afraid, when we settled. He said if hired another attorney I’d have to pay them both a third and the medical would still be mine. When I asked about medical care for my wife now he showed a list of five pages of clients, at a guess 125, that all needed medical care and he wasn’t paying for anyone and that we needed to settle to get her taken care of.

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Address: Houston, Texas USA



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