Jim Coleman Toyota Silver Spring Maryland


Complaint: Wish I could select ZERO stars! … Purchased a used car (with 3 month, 3k coverage) Selected a 2005 BMW Z4 with 84k miles to test drive and fell in love … Ben (sales) was excellent, had the answers or got the answers for my many questions and was not pushy at all for the sale. Martin (used car manager) is a waste! – I had to hound him for a part to be replaced that was broken before I pick up the vehicle (details below) He is not honest in his replies, dont trust him. Before picking up my car, the dealer was preparing it for pick-up and broke the passenger vent; I had to point it out to them (they were not up front about it) and had follow the guy through the dealership until I got a written commitment they would fix it. Now a week later, no calls or contact to say the part is in and they will repair/replace it. I finally called them and they said the part is “on order”” – poor communication! I called my BMW dealer (Passport BMW) they have the part in stock and it is a 10 minute fix. I don’t believe they ever ordered the part. Today had my mechanic (Passport BMW) completed a multi-point inspection and found out the valve cover gasket has a leak

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Address: probably something normal with the year/mileage. Called Jim Coleman and informed them of this issue

Website: they will cover the repair of the valve cover gasket (if Jim Coleman is shady and will not cover it) – just beware! They will try to string you along and not answering questions honestly and accurately.”

Phone: they say they need to complete the repair YET they are not BMW certified or handle BMW vehicles on their lot often enough for me to trust their mechanics to repair it properly. The same people who broke the vent and were not honest about it. The Service Manager said on the phone ‘we can’t keep putting money in the car; we are not making much on it’. As a customer it is not my issue if you do not profit on the sale of a vehicle (I will say the price was excellent) BUT I expect professionalism and follow up on customer commitments. Martin (Service Manager) stated there is a leak

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