Jim Cosby @ Aamco Transmissions Sarasota Florida


Complaint: In April 2001 we went to the Sarasota, FL Aamco to repair our transmission. We were given a discount for repairs and a 90 day warranty. (Incidentally, our cruise control was broken during the repair and then jerryrigged; later on, we had to repair it because Aamco was unwilling to take responsiblity.) In January of 2003, we detected a problem with our car because it went to 4 rpm when only driving at 20 mph. Jim Cosby @ Aamco had his mechanic test drive the car and told us there was nothing wrong with the car. The following week we went into Aamco again because of this problem. Jim relented and said it was the transmission. We got socked for over 2000 dollars, but now had a 3 year warranty. Later in January we went up to Biloxi,MS. When on the highway, our car started rattling whenever we accelerated betwen 50 and 70 mph. Because of the expense of hotels etc. We went back to the Sarasota, FL Aamco. Once again, Jim had his mechanic test drive the car. Again, he told us it was an engine problem. We have recently contacted Aamco headquarters, but Jim Cosby is still unwilling to repair the car’s transmission. We were told to get a second opinion by the Sarasota Aamco, the “transmission specialists.”” With all the run around

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Address: this problem has not been resolved as of May 2003. William Sarasota

Website: 941-3666715

Phone: FloridaU.S.A.”

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