Jim Turner – San Jacinto, California California


This guy Jim Turner leached on to my friend promising her the world! He even wrecked his own marriage and gave his wife their kids so he could be with Chalee. He went to visit her at her friends house and brought al of his kids! Chalee bought all of the food because he had no money! He does have pot though (he loves to smoke & drink)! This guy is just looking for a hot chick to support him and his kids. When the hit chick catches wind to his game she bails! He then post lies about her through some sort of social media. This guy is a loser! He lives in his parents home, drives a beater, smokes & drinks and can’t afford to buy his kids proper fitting clothes. He buys out instead. He even let his marriage go bc he thought maybe there may be something better out there. Who does that! The grass isn’t always GREENER on the other side. The operative word here is “green”! Stay away from this sloth!

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