Jinxi San Francisco California Review


I was on a 7 days China tour with 3 of mine friends. Before I went on my trip, I heard a lot about the scam in China as I was prepare for it. i was not intend to purchase any jewery when I was in China. Before we head into JINXI jewery store in Shanghai, I told my friends I was not going to purchase anything in the store. But once we were in the store, they seperate us as a group and bring me to lock room and sold me a some jewerey. At the time I knew they did some kinds of ritual or hynotize to scam me, my mind was not cleared at the time of purchase, I listen to every word they said. When I have no money and can not charge my credit card to increase the limit, and I did make that phone call, when it was declined, they ask me to borrow from my friend credit card to pay for it, I asked my fiiend and she let me charge on her card for $3,493.70. I spent over $8,000.00 Jewery at JINXI STORE for what I already have and don’t need. My friend were looking for me at the store but could not find me anywhere, they knew I was in the lock room but was not able to get in until they asked me to borrow money from my friends. I paid the full price without negotiate on the price with is unusual when you go to purchase jewery in china.

San Francisco, California USA


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