Joanne Porpilia Pepin – Wellsville, New York New York


Joanne Porpilia Pepin is a homely 54 year old woman who targets married men going through mid life crises by being “such a good friend” and so understanding. She uses the standard homewrecker tricks like listening and showing them all this attention and stroking their egos until she convinces them she is the woman for them. Once the affair starts she goes to work on the wife making sure she finds out all the lies and details of the “relationship”. To top it off she convinced the married man he doesn’t need a condom then calls him after he ends the affair (they all do) and tells him she has an std and might have cancer now. She knowingly has unprotected sex with married men. She did all this while working at Dresser Rand in Wellsville, NY. She went from man to man to man like the factory was a dating site. Now she acts like the victim because she got her heart broke. Too bad bitch. What did you think would happen. She knew these men were married and didn’t care about the marriages or wives or families or the hearts she caused pain to.

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