Joe Mazer – Worcester, Massachusetts Massachusetts


This is a pathological liar and a narcissist to the extreme… I made the mistake of dating him… all that ever came out of his mouth were lies. He chose me as a victim because I worked second shift at a local hospital. Our schedules were difficult to coincide… well it’s also because he was married!!!!!! He did leave his wife,and then had some fling with this disgusting piece of trash ( Google azjoedirt webcam) This excuse of a man actually had the gall to ask me of I could get him Viagra for one of his co-workers. It was so he could fuck someone else while I was at work!!!!!!! I confronted him on March at Bike Night on Water St in Worcester. I was expecting the cam whore to take off her helmet, it was a totally different girl!!! I warned her and she didn’t listen. He contacts me and fucks with my head. Told me he was sorry for everything and wants to work things out. He is dating/possibly engaged to some girl named Roxanne Johnson from Vermont. So Joe just tried making me the other woman with out my consent again. He is charming,but nothing that comes out of his mouth is the truth. He is a lousy lay with a small cock and he claims to be a porn star lol!!!!!!! Steer clear of this jackass. He will drain your soul, wallet, whatever he can take from you he will.

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