Joe Pezzuto Law Office Complaint


Dealing with this so called “law office-debit collector” was a horrible and awful experience. I was spoken to so rudely and unkindly from Victor Perez, a supposed “supervisor” and his GM and this is totally unacceptable. I understand they are in the business to collect debts and I only asked to have the payment processed at the end of this month instead of earlier. I admit there was a miscommunication between my husband and I regarding the day and amount of the transaction but they would do nothing to assist. I was told over and over again “we could talk for another hour and the answer would still be no”. I was spoken to into a complete disrespectful voice and if a recording of the call is listened to, it will reveal that. I never told this company I couldn’t or wouldn’t pay them I was just asking for a only a 3 day postponement on the payment and that would completely pay off the debt. They absolutely refused and in turn put my account overdraft approx $300+. They said they have a recorded message from my husband acknowledging the payment and the day. I asked if they had a recording and/or record of at least 2 calls I made asking them to pull out the money on the 30th but “apparently” they don’t have records of that. Hmm, isn’t that convienent for them! I having nothing good to say about this company and will be voicing my opinion and telling everyone including the BBB about this company. Also, I am obviously not the only one who has had this issue/problem. There are numerous comments out there that are the same or worse than mine. I think the Law Offices of Joe Pezzuto can kiss my a**. What horrible and rude people and a traumatic experience. Hope they are ready to handle what will be thrown at them. *on a note- Andrea ext. 214 was kind to me and it wasn’t until the men got on the phone that there was an issue. PS- In the end they didn’t and won’t get my money- my bank pulled the check and refunded my money. So I guess they CAN’T “TAKE THAT ONE TO THE BANK!”

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