Joelle Delaney – Cincinnati, Ohio Ohio


I thought I was the only guy Joelle Delaney was seeing. She seemed perfect, always said the right things. She worked a lot, so she says. I would send her money. We traveled. Went to her ‘cabin’ in NY. One time I really wanted to see her but she said she couldn’t take another weekend off because she needed the money-we didn’t live in the same state (that, come to find is her M.O.) Well I thought I’d come to her and surprise her this August (2017) and guess what!? She had taken the time off. I did a little searching and found out she was seeing at least 2 other guys I found out about. None lived near her. So all these times she said she was working she was probably trying to ‘milk’ these other poor dudes out of their money too. I wondered how someone who always said she needed to work because she needed the money could travel as much as she did. (Probably from other guys cash). STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE! I almost left my family for her when she really was just after my money! She pretends to be your perfect girl but it’s all a game to her. I just wish I googled her before we ever started because now she’s just played me and almost ruined my life.

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