Joelle Lynn Delaney – Rocky River, Ohio Ohio


Recognize her from Warren Road Tavern? Or maybe she was your gate attendant when you flew United out of CLE? Or maybe you know her from auburn, ny? This is her story: Joelle was married briefly to a pilot named Ray Lovlie who gave her a lavish lifestyle, until he met a younger, nicer, prettier, better woman he had an affair with, dumped Joelle for, married and built a beautiful life & family. Joelle never recovered and has been living the life of a whore since the divorce 10 yrs ago. She’s so despicable her own brother has disowned her. She’s desperate for the life of luxury she had and goes after any guy she thinks could provide it-married with families, have girlfriends, younger, older, firefighter, contractor, her boss from the bar, United pilots, you name it…if she thinks they have $, she’s all over them. She’s living the life of a whore but expects to be treated like a princess! What she doesn’t realize is guys quickly figure out she’s good for one thing and not the type they want to marry. Doesn’t take guys long to realize she’s a bigot (men of color don’t bother knocking, she thinks you’re all “ni-ers”), she can’t say a sentence without the f word in it, she’s uneducated, her tits are screwed up, her body is covered in acne, she has no waist, hips or butt but sports a healthy muffintop (ew!), doesn’t know how to properly stroke a guy, won’t let guys cum in her mouth, fakes her orgasms, and to top it off the guys end up with an itchy dick, her life is a train wreck that she constantly whines about but us too lazy to change. She’s a real prize! She’ll talk like she a sexual goddess, but truth is she’s all talk, guys say sex with her is “vanilla”, “pedestrian”, and “unmemorable.” When she gets ditched, she’s always claims to be the victim that was taken advantage of, conveniently forgetting she’s been screwing multiple guys at the same time. (Joelle, its called karma, honey.). But if you’re looking for an easy lay with a freaky body, look Joelle up; just buy her dinner, or fix her car, or install her dishwasher, or do work on her apartment and she’ll spread her legs, actually, just buy her a drink, she’s that easy. Joelle is a glorified hooker, just takes other forms of payment! She deserves the lonely desperate life she’s made for herself. I see someone else already posted about her…seems she’s made quite the name for herself!

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