Complaint: Jerry (Gerald R. Johannes) from JOHANNES BUILDERS posted a craigslist ad selling “desks / office cubicals (la grange)”” on 2013-04-18

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 9:45am CDT. Posting ID number: 3571046951. I’m a new business owner with a very limited budget and was looking for used cubicals spaces so I can hire employees. On April 21

Website: 6 cubical walls and 8 posts and Jerry would also deliver the items. Jerry signed a paper contract with all this info

Phone: 2013 I drove all the way from Rogers Park in Chicago to Brookfield IL and followed him to his storage space (drove over 2 hours to get to the items – gas money!) on the far southside of IL (about 20 minutes from the Indiana border). I saw the cubicals and the desks

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