John Amos (Stefon) Hurst from Cartersville, GA


Georgia, Liar Cheater Man

The Biggest Liar Ever! He is a Gigalo! Cartersville GA. Ladies:Please be aware of a man with an island voice accent, name John Amos (Stefon) Hurst from Cartersville, GA. He was born in the islands but later moved to the Georgia area when he was young. He is the biggest drug dealer as has been dubbed as the “Cartersville Drug King Pin”. He also claims to be a skilled carpenter (he does have experience), however, it is just a cover up to sell paraphillnia. This is what he loves to do (If you ever encounter him, you witness for yourself).He has one son that he does not truly provide for as he should. He loves having unprotected sex with a woman of any age. I did not find out in time before becoming pregnant. He brags that he has sex with a woman for money. I found out that he was having sex with everyone in Cartersville, but more importantly, he is an obitual liar. He is inconsistent. In closing, please be aware and use protection before it is too late. Oh, and he will always keep his druggie/ side chick/ sideline hoe (It was confirmed that she took the heat for him in a drug case and she is known around town as the head buster, Natalie Camille Davis. YOU HAVE BEEN ADVISED

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