John Arnaut Myrtle Beach South Carolina Review


I purchased 2 laser lights from John Arnaut, owner of Phantom Dynamics. He only shipped me one unit, and never sent me the second. I paid Mr. Arnaut and Phantom Dynamics $2600.00 per unit. When I initially contacted Mr. Arnaut of Phantom Dynamics about this situation, he told me that he could not reimburse me at the time because he was on the verge of going out of business. nI gave him over a year and contacted Mr. Arnaut again, and he now claims that the unit he sent me was a more expensive unit than what was on the invoice, and therefore owes me nothing. The unit that I received is the same exact unit that is on the invoice. Mr. Arnaut is not only lying about the situation, he stole from me. I strongly suggest that anyone considering using Phantom Dynamics for anything had best do business with someone else, who won’t lie and steal from them.

P,O. Box 105 Lakeside, Montana United States of America

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