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Complaint: IF YOU ARE BEING EVICTED BY JOHN BOUZANE OFFICE READ THIS! The home we were renting from got foreclosed. We were the renter and by law we have 60 days to leave. If we were properly served the “NOTICE TO QUIT”” we would have responded accordingly. John Bouzane’s office NEVER summon us

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Address: but FAKED paperwork that he did. Obviously we did not respond to the summon because we NEVER got it!!! If you do not comply with the “”NOTICE”” they (meaning Landlord or John Bouzane’s office) can file an Unlawful Detainer Complaint to evict against us. Which that is the next step that happen. We then received the court paper work to move out and we had to respond in 5 days… which we did. We went to the courts and filed an appeal to let John Bouzane’s office know that the landlord does not live at the premises and that we are the renter.. and by law have 60 days to move out. We thought that was all we needed to do. But ATTENTION! There’s more to that and this is how John Bouzane the crook wins!.. After filing the appeal you must then respond by filing an “”ANSWER”” -FORM UD-105. So there’s two steps after you received the “”UNLAWFUL DETAINER””. We failed to file the “”ANSWER”” -FORM UD-105

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Phone: and after 15-days got a notice from the Sheriff to VACATE in 5 days! We had no where to go in such short notice! Don’t let this happen to you file the proper paper works! So please be very careful! And get legal help ASAP. This was our first time ever being in this situation. We were paying tenants and it was not our fault the home we were renting from got foreclosed. This b*****d John Bouzane is a TOTAL CROOK! He’s lucky I have family or else I would be very tempted to [email protected]#$%!!! He’s a lair and I cannot believe he gets away with his unlawful practice of illegal Law! I am not against anyone doing their job to evict but forging doc’s and fake summons is ILLEGAL! This is what this b*****d does. He FAKE summons and Doc’s. By the time you realize anything is going on it’s too late to do anything about it because he already filed FAKE paper work through the courts!Get this… afterwards John Bouzane’s office’s knowing that we were Renters and we were already moved out! He sued the landlord! Stating that they were the one living there and did not move in time! Obviously the landlord did not know they were being sued and the judgement was made against them! Again He FAKE SUMMONS paperworks. The landlord never knew what happen or even had a chance to fight back because they were NEVER PROPERLY SUMMONS!!! Please be-careful!”

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