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Complaint: I was leased a lemon of a truck spent more time and money getting the truck fixed than I have made driving the truck. When I do get miles to cover the lease payment I’m left owing money to jct I have made less than 2600 dolls in 5 months time I barely have money to feed myself I’m forced to live off 150 dollars I can get in a cash advance with my fuel card and the points I get when I fuel up that can be used to pay for food at the truck stop that 2 people living off 150$ a week I’m being forced to haul freight just to eat not ever getting a head to make money or save anything. When I confronted safety department John Mallory told me he was the only thing between me and not having a truck/job that I’d I didn’t jump trough what ever hoops he lays out he will send me packing. This is wrong and should be stopped. john christner trucking, John mallory, Josh king, Shannon vp of operations and company, putsome people into lemon trucks that they lease out. don’t give their drivers the minimal miles needed to even pay the lease they have signed for refuse to compensate the lease operator when their lemon trucks break down and are in the shop for a week or more. failing to pay me properly for the miles I’ve run weekly under paid or have had deductions that should not have been on my pay settlements then don’t get rembursed for the money they owed me. being told they garenteed a minus of 2800 miles a week!!! in order to be profitable and cover the lease payment and being lucky if I was getting 1700 miles I’ve worked for this company for 5 months in that time I’ve had 3 pay checks under 200 dollas in a week 1 check for $1.59 1 check for 1048.67 the rest of my weekly pay checks have been negative as in I owe the company money for hauling their freight. there is nothing right with this company. was told by John Malloy that if I didn’t start running my full 11 hours per day behind the wheel they were taking my truck from me and sending me packing knowing that my truck is my home. he knows my self and my fiancu00e9 are stuck with no other option and uses that knowledge to force me to comply with crap standards. it’s criminal how they treat their drivers and employees. I’m being forced to work unsafe because the know I have no home to go home to. so am forced to put a smile on my face and pretend everything is a okay

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