John Church & Co (Todd) Waterloo New York Review


On 10/30/12 my husband and I picked out a table with 6 chairs at John Church & Co with a salesperson by the name of Todd. We explained to him that we really wanted the table however we would be going out of town for a period of time and would be back on 11/16/12. He stated that was not a problem to just put half of the money down, when we got back pay the other half and then the table would be delivered that following Monday. We agreed to these terms and did so. The delivery day changed at least 4 times prior to leaving the store on 11/16/12 after paying remaining balance. He stated he would call me on 11/19/12 to give me an exact day and time but that it would definitely be delivered prior to Thanksgiving. Todd called and left a voicemail 11/19/12 saying he needed to talk to me about my scheduled delivery for tomorrow. I was puzzled by this message for obvious reasons. I called him back only for him to say that he opened the box with our table only to find the contents smashed so he had nothing to deliver to us. I questioned how something could be smashed inside a box and nothing to indicate that on the outside. I stated I wanted my money back several times which was over $700 cash only for him to keep trying to convince me to come in to pick out another table. I maintained that I wanted my money refunded as he no longer has what I bought and paid for. He finally said he would TRY to get a refund check to me within 10 days. No-one should have to wait 10 days for their money due to a store’s negligence or otherwise. There is nothing referencing 10 days for a refund in their store or on the 2 receipts I have from them. I have since contacted appropriate agencies in an attempt to compel the store to refund my money without success. All the signs and employees say the store isn’t closing that the owner is just retiring but not likely seeing how they are conducting business, bad business! The owner is never available to talk to in fact the first time Todd was asked to put the owner on the phone he hung up on my husband.

319 Routes 5 & 20 Waterloo, New York United States of America


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