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Complaint: 1. I arrived at 7:20AM March 30th, 2004 for my service appointment at John Hine Pontiac, Mazda, Dodge. No one looked at my car until 2:30pm that day. They could not provide an estimate until the following morning. After agreed in the morning, it was not complete as promised that evening. They kept my vehicle 3 days in order to complete a 2 hour service. 2. I was charged a lot of money for nothing. I came to the John Hine dealership because I needed two recalls on my vehicle performed and I had two further issues with my vehicle. The recalls had previously been performed which I was unaware, as I have only recently purchased the car. The first issue was a grinding noise upon release of the parking brake. They could not fix this problem but I was charged $39 for looking into it. I still have the grinding noise. The second issue is that my gas gauge is showing a higher reading then there is actual gas in the tank. I already knew what the problem was and explained this clearly to the representative. I was charged $76 anyway for looking into this problem. Together I was charged $115 for no service performed. I have been to several service centers with my vehicles in the past and I have never been charged $115 for nothing. The service of “looking at an issue”” that I explain in detail is not something that should be charged

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Address: particularly at this very high rate. I have only been charged once at any garage or dealership that I have been to in the past (for a brake examination) at a set cost of $30. Because I was charged $115 I was forced to get work done at this location. I had no choice. In order to recoup the $76 wasted to find a problem that I already knew about and explained I had to put that towards repairs. If I had walked away at this point

Website: for the gas gage I already had diagnosed by another mechanic. I don’t understand how this automotive repair facility can just charge arbitrary amounts for looking at your car. Is there no regulation in this industry? I was without my car for 3 days and I was forced to get the work done there because I would have lost the $115 with nothing fixed. Chelsea San Diego

Phone: I would have spent $115 on nothing and then paid someone else approximately $225 to fix the problem (an estimated normal cost to fix the fuel unit). Since I fell into this trap

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