John (Jack) Raymond Volkers


California, Liar Cheater Man

This guy is a real piece of work. He has lied to me for many years. He is not who he says he is. He will tell you whatever you want to hear, as long as you have something he wants. When you have served his purpose you will be done. He hid his REAL sexual appetite with online sites that cater to the most disturbing fetish practices I’ve ever seen. When I found his huge collection of dildoes and butt plugs and rubber fists (also jars and rubber balls) I was dumbfounded. Then I found the chrome p**** probes that he sticks up his p**** (I actually caught him doing this several times). Yikes!! No wonder he lost interest in everything else. He found others like him in chat rooms and Craigslist and web sites. No wonder he can never keep a job or has no social life or friends for that matter. His personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired and he smokes pot continuously all day and night. He is also quite the mamas boy. She rules him with an iron fist! Hmmmm…oh I get it. Well at least I got out in time, before I wasted any more (time, that is)! He is selfish and childish and rude and mean. He is cheap and miserly and stingy. He keeps track of everything he does for you, so he can throw it in your face later. Of course many of these things are pure fabrication. He has anger issues that are very scary, especially when he drives. He is also very paranoid (again the pot smoking). Look out for this jerk ladies, I think he likes guys! (And his mommy)! Wow,’what a loser!

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