John N. Merrick Review


Ordered a dvd from ebay brand new s ealed, files a report saying item was fake c ounterfiet, item was brand new sealed with store white secuirty strip. then complains about t eh quality of the item, saying the dvd wad fading in and out. This was a really old movie that was taken from 8mm film probably. the guy paid $2.99 and acted liek he just bought $190 dvd set. refuse d a aprtial refund, demanded a full refund and he gets to keep dvd. must be a new buyer feedback r ating was zero. up against a 100% power seller rating, not sure if i am mor e then liely going to get forced to e at this becuase of how he filed the cliam, poor picture quality liek i am the maunfacture of teh tiem, and no one can expect a 50 year old movie to be up to todays high resultion hd standards just a massive crook abusing teh returns system on ebay .

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