John Patchin Sonoma California Review


A con man. Even looks like one. Promises great things in rehabbing and renting the property he has helped you find. He hires the cheapest labor he can find and does everything as cheaply as possible. I bought an 6 apt. building through him in 2012. It was in great disrepair. He said he would have it up and running in just over 3 months; that it needed to be all electric because it was cheaper in Kansas than gas; and he would have it renovated up to Section 8 standards. I live on the West Coast. This bldg. is in Kansas City, MO. I could go on and on and on about all the extremely low life things he did. He broke more promises than I could number. The quality of the job was unbelievably bad. eg. the carpet was taken up but the staples remained. The workers painted over the filthy floors- over nails, money, staples, and dry wall that was lying on the floor. They then polyurethaned over that. It took me weeks trying to fix that mess. One more of countless eg. They put up light fixtures in the halls where they simply took the fixture out of the box and screwed it up without attaching the wiring or even taking the wrapping off the wiring. I received fines from the city over the garbage in the yard that he said he would have removed but not in time before I had to pay fines. He had the boiler removed from the basement that had asbestos on it and an upaid employee complained to the city and I had fines for asbestos removal and clean up. I had fines for no permits. The electricity was the biggest mess. He told me for months and months and months that it was the electric company’s fault. I was in contact with the man responsible from the electric company and he called John on his lying. Made no difference. He just kept lying. The sub-contractor he had hired, Dennis Raje,(another really low life person) took out the 220 wiring to the apt., and replaced it with 110 amp wiring that was insufficient for an all electric bldg. Cost me thousands to get that straightened out. The whole thing is still a nightmare to me. I hired another contractor 2 years later when John disappeared not completing half of what was promised. That contractor played a similar game. I don’t know how I even made it through but for God. As it turns out, the bldg. is worth $50-$80k. I have far, far more than that in the bldg. I consider this the biggest disaster of my life. Our choices really do matter. I can’t say his name without feeling sick. I do blame myself but I had to let that go too. Nothing good comes from it. So many lessons learned and a lot of faith in humanity lost. Keep as far away as you can from him. He is the lowest form of life.

1617 SE Brome Circle Lee Summit, Missouri USA

816 729 8876…/john_patchin/id-1776609


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