John R Browning Orange California


Complaint: John Browning of the firm Law Offices of John R Browning, a PLC is the worst kind of lawyer. He took advantage of me when I needed his help the most. I hired him and went into the hospital and he ran up $60k in bills while I was out. He ruined my estate and stuck me with a very large bill. He demanded his bill be paid in full or else!!! What the heck does or else mean. Being threatened by my own attorney? I didnt authorize those bills and now he is shaking me down. John Browning deserves to have his license revoked. Do not hire John R Browning of the law offices of John R Browning. He is a scoundral!

Tags: Lawyers

Address: 2603 Main Street, Irvine CA Irvine , California USA


Phone: 949 234-6265

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