John T. Nix – Nashville, Georgia Men


This is my soon to be Ex husband John Nix.I was at home afternoon and I had his phone because I didn’t have one and decided to keep his that Friday so I could chat with my sister..a text comes in saying “Hey babe” a few minutes later another text came “are we still meeting after work’ that afternoon he was late getting home from work..when I showed him the text and asked where he had been he got so pissed OFF about getting caught that he knocked the HELL OUTTA ME..not once but twice!! Later I found out he had been cheating with one of our So Called “Friends” Laura “Sandy” Durrance..I confronted both of them and of them course they both denied it!! I left him 2weeks later..the photo was sent to me by a was taken Christmas at my step sons house..his whole Family knows he was cheating on me and have chosen to look the other way..some Christian’s!! I didn’t deserve what he has done to me or what he has put me through! I want EVERYONE TO KNOW HE IS A LIAR,CHEATER AND AN ABUSER!!

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